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Architects: AntiStatics Architecture
Lead Architects: Martin Miller, Mo Zheng
Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Area: 250 m²
Year: 2021
Artist:Minjun Yue
Photographs: Dachou Photography
Main Constructor: Yueben Shanghai
Installation Designer:Martin Miller, Minjun Yue
Installation Art:Hangzhou dikesheng culture and Art Co. Ltd+ Wenzhou zaomeng Technology Co. Ltd
Design Team:Yasser Hafizs, Theodorius E. D. Santoso, Christopher Beckett, Annie Liu, Demi Chang, Arthur Yang, Frank Feng
Manufacturers: 上海恒豪 E-grow, 大古水泥, 青山控股
Clients: I Do (Hiersun Group)

The I Do artist store in Wuhan, China blends distinctive spatial and sculptural elements to create a highly expressive, embracing and inspiring experience.The featured work of the collaboration between Antistatics Architecture and renowned artist Yue Min Jun is notably “Peaceful Elephant”, which is symbolized within Chinese and Asian culture as a representation of “a peaceful world and mature grain in society.” Within the space, a smooth and fluid cave-like space is carved out of the interiors wrapping the visitors in a continuously fluid environment and drawing people through the floor plan. The detailing of the displays embedded within the walls and freestanding throughout the space suggest massive geologic formations emerging from the erosive spatial constructs of the interior. As a whole, geometry presents a diverse but synergistic unity of form.

The giant 9m steel sculpture of a life-size elephant features two signature figures of Yue Min Jun’s leaning deeply on each other’s shoulders and rising from the space of the first floor of space to the second floor. Symbolically, the elephant and the figures represent wisdom, power and unity as a projection of the relationships that emanated from those who came to the store.In execution, the sculpture innovates an entirely new method for the creation of space and form. Using large-scale wax 3D printing and investment casting, the process creates a sparse but highly structural lattice inspired simultaneously from cellular biology and the atomic structures of diamond. The integrated formation of both symbolic elements and state-of-the-art construction technologies suggests a new path for both architecture and art, which sought to unite elements of all fields, rather than a separation of processes and mindsets.

The interior cave space is light and airy with fluid ribbons of robotically milled formwork continuously wrapping the space, and warmly and warmly embracing visitors within. Reminiscent of Earth’s erosion through natural processed formations are organic in their fluidity and precise in their definition, a gentle reference to the reorganization of naturally formed elements into fine built objects.The inverse relationship can be found in the custom-designed and fabricated displays and furniture, finding formal inspiration within the geometric formations while using hand-crafted processes for their construction.

Visitors are drawn into space through the exquisite elephant formation visible in the bustling urban environment of central Wuhan. Upon closer inspection, the continuity of the figure in the interior tempts the observer to examine the interior environment, where one is removed from the excitement of the streetscape and welcomed into the serene cave.The detail and precision of the unprecedented sculpture pierce through the floor plate with Min Jun’s signature figures expressively emoting exuberant gestures of love and joy enticing one to climb the twisting stair into the most intimate of upper floors. Here one is able to directly address these figures as a moment of reflection and wonder, awe, and inspiration for what the future may hold, for themselves and the larger world in an expressive celebration of the most cutting edge of spatial manifestations.

The I Do Wuhan artist’s store design is neither art, architecture nor technology but an elegant synthesis of the most beloved elements of all three, creating a new hybridization of unique and inspiring immersive experiences. The details of the façade, interiors, and spaces declare themselves to the world as a new capacity for how we can understand the separation of thoughts and ideas, rather than the cross-pollinating ideology and multi-disciplinary collaboration between one another. How can we present a way forward, celebrating our differences and sharing our common goals of love, happiness and inspiration.

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