Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas:- Farmhouse style does not mean that you actually live on a farm. However, it does mean that you are decorating and styling your home with a simple and practical mindset that often comes with living a rural life.
Instead of bright and attractive décor, you are looking for pleasing color combinations, natural elements and textures. Keep in mind, these are my personal views and are definitely not the rule. The farmhouse style is open to interpretation, these are common trends found in my own small farmhouse.
Farmhouse design provides a comfortable, casual experience of living in a rural farm. Often referred to as a farmhouse, French country or country, this style includes houses with front verandas, picket fences and pastures, as well as small touches of farmhouse decor.
In general, native home decor is simple and clean, with antique furniture, butcher block counters, beadboards, rocking chairs and rooster accents. French country décor, on the other hand, has the same warm, welcoming tones but with a more ornate, traditional feel.

Modern Farmhouse Design Arch Duty 2 scaled

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